VG12353: Countersunk Head Bolt

Part Number: VG12353

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Countersunk Head Design: The countersunk head of the bolt is beveled on the underside to fit a flaring hole, providing a secure and aesthetically pleasing connection. Durable Material: Made from Grade A17D metal, the VG12353 Countersunk Head Bolt offers excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance, ensuring reliability and longevity. Precise Dimensions: The VG12353 Countersunk Head Bolt features a diameter of 11.1 mm (0.438 inches), a thread length of 16.3 mm (0.642 inches), a head height of 8.1 mm (0.319 inches), and a length of 31.5 mm (1.240 inches) with an angle of 75 degrees. Easy Installation: The bolt is designed for a hassle-free installation process, allowing for quick and efficient replacement of worn or damaged countersunk head bolts. Genuine John Deere Quality: As an original John Deere part, the VG12353 Countersunk Head Bolt guarantees optimal performance and seamlessly integrates with your equipment's existing components.

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