M806419: Engine Oil Filter

Part Number: M806419

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Proven Quality: John Deere engine oil filters are pressure tested on a simulated engine block to ensure quality and reliability. Efficient Filtering: John Deere oil filters provide excellent filtering qualities, with single-pass efficiency of 98.6% and a filtering efficiency. Anti-drainback Valve: Designed to prevent oil from draining out of the filter during engine shutdown, ensuring oil remains in the filter for proper lubrication upon engine start-up. Secure Seals: Filter paper is glued along its entire length, and end caps are permanently sealed to filter paper with heat-cured plastisol, preventing unfiltered oil from leaking back into the engine. Rugged Construction: Featuring a leak-proof base, neoprene gasket for sealing against the engine, and sturdy low carbon steel canister design to resist fatigue and withstand pressure pulses within the system.

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