Mulching Attachment for 54-inch Mower Decks

Part Number: BM20827
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The mulching attachment for the 54-inch Edge Extra (54X), 54-inch Side Discharge (54D) and 54-inch Convertible (54C) Mower Decks provides excellent performance. This is a high-performance mulching attachment that includes a mulch plug and special mulching blades. Advantages of mulching grass clippings include a beautiful looking yard, reduced debris in unwanted areas, less fertilizer use required and elimination of need to disposed of clippings.

Fits On:
  • GX255
  • GX325
  • GX335
  • GX345
  • GX355
  • LX280
  • X320
  • X340
  • X465
  • X500
  • X520
  • X530
  • X534
  • X540
  • X590
  • X729
  • Z425
  • Z435
  • Z445