LG189: Home Maintenance Kit for 455 Lawn and Garden Tractor

Part Number: LG189

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Everything you need for routine maintenance of your John Deere lawn mower in one convenient kit. Includes high-quality OEM John Deere parts. Designed specifically for John Deere mowers to ensure optimal performance. Invest in the long-term health of your mower with the John Deere Home Maintenance Kit. Kit Includes: AM108243 - Primary Filter Element, CH15553 - Fuel Filter Element, DKE984696 - Oil Change Label, M806418 - Engine Oil Filter, M94734 - Secondary Air Cleaner Element, 3 X TY26674 - Premium Engine Oil, Plus-50™ II, 15W-40, API CK4/SN, 946 ml (32 Fluid Oz).

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